NOTW: Inspired from my bedroom upholstery :)

Good morning everyone :) This week's design was actually inspired by the curtains and upholstery in my bedroom. I hope you like it and if you're interested in learning how to do it yourselves, just keep reading!

1. Start with a clear base coat and follow with two coats of a nude pink colour.  I used L'Oreal Resist & Shine Titanium in 100.

2. My curtains have lilac, mint, grey and a darker grey so those are the colours I chose for this mani but feel free to use any colour combination you like! For the thin strips, you will need a striping brush, so make sure you have yours handy.
First, create a thick stripe on one side of your nail with a dark grey colour (Rimmel 60 Seconds in 780 Hard Rock), then progress by making a thin mint (elf Mint Cream) stripe a little further from the dark grey stripe and right next to the mint one, do another thin stripe with a less dark grey (essence colour&go in 35 Movie Star).  Finish with one or two thin lilac(elf Lilac) stripes on the other side of the nail depending on how wide yours are.  Now you can choose to top coat your design at this stage, or else continue to do the little bow.

3. To do the bow, just paint two triangles with the pointy ends facing each other by means of a detailing brush.  Place a dot of the same colour in the middle to join the vertices of the triangles.  Then just draw two little ribbons coming out of the centre of the bow.  For the bow I used elf Metal Madness for a hint of shimmer and I did the bow on both thumbs and ring fingers.

4. Top coat and you're done!

4 comments on "NOTW: Inspired from my bedroom upholstery :)"
  1. Thank you Dyna! Glad you like it! xx

  2. Thats really good that, nice and different! Wouldnt have thought you could be inspired by upholstry! :)

  3. haha Enigma!! It's amazing the places you get inspired fro... when you least expect it!