NOTW: Pretty Pinks... Valentine's Day Tutorial #2

Hello cupcakes here's my second proposition for Valentine's Day...

I moved away from the traditional red hearts and all and went for something more girly... pinks! Here's how you can do this design yourself!

1. As always, prep your nails with a good base coat.

2. Proceed with two coats of a pearly-pink polish and let dry thoroughly.

3. For the lines, you will need a striper brush and three differently coloured polishes. I used my Eugene Perma shocking pink and plum and elf Rosy Raisin.  Start by making an 'X' with one of the colours at one corner of the nail. One line will have to be more elongated than the other. Move on to the next colour and do the same, a bit further away from the first X but make sure they overlap as in the picture. Finally do the same with the remaining colour.

4. For the hearts on the ring finger, you will need a dotter and the same three colours you used for the lines.  For the solid hearts, just dot two dots near each other and drag them down to form a heart shape. Do a bigger one and let dry.  With a contrasting colour, paint a smaller heart in the latter heart.  For the phantom hearts, just dot little dots in the form of a heart!

5. Finish off with a clear top coat and you're done!

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2 comments on "NOTW: Pretty Pinks... Valentine's Day Tutorial #2"
  1. aaaahh! i love it! wish my nails were long enough :( xxxxxxx

  2. Glad you like it hun :) You can always adapt the design to fit your nail lenght by either bringing it down on the entire nail or else paint it side-ways to give the illusion of longer nails. :) xxxx