NOTW: Zip open some girly fun!... Valentine's Day Tutorial #3

Good morning make-up cakes :) hope you've all bought your gifts for the Valentines in your lives and have everything planned for tomorrow :) However, Valentine's Day is not only for loved-up people so for those ladies out there who are single, I did the last Valentine manicure with you in mind :) I know some of my girly friends who are single and go out together on Valentine's Day for some girly fun without boys and I thought I would steer away from hearts and roses and go for something fun! And what better way is there to represent fun on your nails than by wearing glitter? So let's get started on this fun manicure!

1. Prep your nails with a clear base coat and follow with a thin coat of a nude pink polish to prevent your nails from being stained with the darker pink polish.

2. Apply two coats of a nice bright pink polish on all your nails bar the ring fingers and any other nails you want to make the design on.  If you are going to do the design on all your nails, skip this step altogether.

3. For the design, you will need the same pink you used on the other nails, a glittery pink and a black striper polish.

a) Start by drawing a little upside down triangle at the tip of the nail with the glitter polish and leave to dry.
b) Paint the remaining areas of the nail on the sides of the triangle with the bright pink polish and leave to dry thoroughly.
c) To draw the zips, start from the tip of the triangle that is facing downwards and draw little horizontal strokes with the black polish, working your way down the length of the nail.  Do the same on the sides of the triangle to make it look as if you are opening up the zip!
d) Finally, draw a little circle just under the tip of the triangle and place a pink rhinestone in the middle to resemble the actual zipper.

4. Finish with a clear top coat and you're done!

I hope you liked this nail design idea and that you will try it out yourselves! If you do, please do link me to your photos as I love to see your work :) Have fun tomorrow and Happy Valentine's Day to all!

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