Review: Montagne Jeunesse Blemish Mud

A few weeks ago, the lovely people from Montagne Jeunesse sent me a generous selection of their face masques to try out for review and the one that caught my eye first, was the Blemish Mud.  I had been lemming this masque for quite a long time now as we only get a small selection of the MJ masques here in Malta.  For those of you who do not know who and what Montagne Jeunesse is, it is basically a company who produce face masques, foot scrubs and even hair treatments out of all natural ingredients.  I have been a fan of theirs for quite some time now and I am always looking to try out more and more of their products as they never failed to impress me (hair masques next on the list hehe)!  Where was I? Ah yes, the Blemish Mud...

I really like the fun packaging this company presents their products in especially the ones where chocolate is involved! Lol it makes me want to gobble the whole thing up! Pity it's not edible lol.  Here's what the Blemish Mud looks like:

You already know that two ingredients are Aloe Vera and Willow.  They both possess blemish fighting properties so they really fit in this masque.  When you open the pack, a smell very similar to tea-tree oil is what greets you.  Personally I don't mind the scent and it fades away after some time so don't worry about it.

The masque itself is pale green in colour and has quite a thick texture.  It dries to a white tight-feeling masque in just about 10 minutes or so.  I managed to get 5 applications out of one pack and each time, I was left with super soft, clear skin. I admit I was experiencing some nasty breakouts lately but this masque has really contributed to clearing them up faster so I am really impressed with this one.

All MJ masques are priced very affordably and are worth a try, if not for their benefits, for their sumptuous smells lol!

Have you tried any masques from MJ? Which ones were they and how did you like them?

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2 comments on "Review: Montagne Jeunesse Blemish Mud"
  1. Love these masks and looking forward to try this too!

    Charlene xxxx

  2. I've seen those before but havent tried any. Its good you got five goes out of it too! I'd of thought it was a one application pack :D x