Review: Montagne Jeunesse Sauna Masque Red Hot Earth

Ever feel like you need to really deep clean your face and be left with soft, smooth and lovely smelling skin? If so, keep reading as I may have the right product for you! Montagne Jeunesse's Sauna Masque Red Hot Earth is another fabulous product from this cruelty-free company and if you are a vegeterian, their products are suitable for you too!  Let's have a look at this one masque from their extensive range.

The packaging of all Montagne Jeunesse products is always colourful and fun and this masque is no exception!

As the name suggests, this masque is a sauna masque; meaning that it warms up on contact with the skin.  Due to this warming action, it opens up the pores and deep cleans them so you are left with beautiful-looking & clean skin.

One of the main ingredients in this masque is actually clay which when combined with the right ingredients, helps combat stress and therefore promotes relaxation.

With regards texture, this masque is not as thick as the other ones but it still delivers optimal results.  It looks a bit like it is sticky and gooey when you open the pack but in reality it is very easy to apply and subsequently remove it.  I managed to get 3 applications out of this pack, one of which was used on my bf and this masque got his approval!  The colour of the masque is actually fun as well... a kind of reddish-pink!

As for scent, I cannot really say there is a strong scent to this masque at least while it is on your face.  When I start rinsing it off though, I can detect a faint smell of clay with some essential oils maybe?  This masque was provided for review purposes but I have used it before and I have never developed any irritations; actually I have never developed any irritations to any Montagne Jeunesse products! That's why I have stayed faithful to them all this time!

What are you waiting for? Go on and get your fix of Natural Beauty Products from Montagne Jeunesse!
7 comments on "Review: Montagne Jeunesse Sauna Masque Red Hot Earth"
  1. Lately I have been seeing these everywhere! I guess I should buy some!

  2. I bet he loved being covered in the pink mask! I did a Lush one and made my bf have a go too, think he only did it cos it was brown. Doubt he would if it were pink!

  3. @Gertrude: Definitely give them a go!! They're the best face masks ever!

    @Martina and Enigma: hehe he didn't know it was pink until I opened the pack and started covering his face lol. He enjoyed it though as his skin really felt soft afterwards :)

  4. You people are lucky your boyfriends let you pamper them with masks and all that, my boyfriend really really doesn't enjoy it but I'm planning on buying him a whole new beauty routine soon muhahah :)

  5. I like their masks and often chuck on in with my shopping lol. The only problem it any masks (inc this one) that heats up seems to irritate my sensitive skin. Maybe it's one of the ingredients that makes it warm up? x

  6. @Carla: not that he enjoys it much but let's say after all the moaning he enjoys the results... I still have to get him to use a moisturizer daily due to his dry skin though :)

    @Claire: hmmm it could be anything in the masque actually. why don't you look up the ingredients and determine which maybe causing your allergy? It may help you in your choice of other products as well :)