Chic and Simple Nail Art

Hello guys! Middle of the week already, the day is almost over and we're getting closer to the weekend!! So, I have just finished doing a refill for my friend and wanted to share my work with you all like I always do!

What do you think of this one? I actually like it! Especially the effect the striping tape gives (I used striping tape to create the purplish line).

Last Saturday night, we stayed in as it was freezing cold outside so I did my nails and also my Mum's.  Here are a couple of quick shots:

Mum's on the left and mine on the right

For Mum's nails, I simply used elf Purple Pleaser to create the angled tips and then used some black nail polish and a dotter to draw the four petals of the flower.  With a smaller dotting tool and Orly Dazzle, I did a dot in the middle of the flower and the white lines were done with a white(!) striping polish!

For my design, look out for the tutorial next Sunday!

That's all for today ladies! Until next post,

Stay Beautiful!
3 comments on "Chic and Simple Nail Art"
  1. The striping tape really does look good!

    Oh and I did some research, apparently olive oil strengthens your nails because when soaked in it it gets in to the nails and moisturises them which in turn stops them from breaking. The moliucles can pass through the nail in to the nail bed. Not sure about all the science talk but its good to know! x

  2. Actually it makes perfect sense Enigma! Thank you for taking the time as I was really busy these last two days! xx

  3. Hey dont worry about it, its putting my masters in research to use lol! xx