Collective Haul: Make-up & yet more shoes :D

Good morning my lovelies I have a collective haul for you guys.  I bought everything last month but I had to wait for most of the items to arrive as I bought them online and this is what I received this week.

First up, NYX HD Foundation in HDF 02 Soft Beige.

I bought this off ebay and I also got a free long lip pencil as the seller was running a promotion.  The shade I chose for the lip pencil in CLPL 20 Plush Red.  I needed a red lip liner and I managed to get it for free! How cool is that? Here are swatches of each:

Plush Red lip pencil (looks pinkier in the photo); NYX HD Foundation HDF 02 Soft Beige (left) vs Revlon Color Stay 180 Sand Beige (Notice how much whiter the Revlon one is with flash photography because it contains SPF)

Even though the NYX Foundation looks darker, it still matches my skin tone perfectly and I'm happy about that as it can be very tricky to buy foundation online.  I have already used it a couple of times and so far I'm happy with the results!

On to another NYX purchase! I also got this from ebay but from a different seller... NYX Concealer in a Jar in Green.  I actually received this yesterday and used it before going out and I liked the performance!

I also got a new pair of ankle boots thanks to Mum...

... she saw them while out shopping with a friend of hers and she got them for me :D I really like the detailing on them as well as the colour; not to mention they are super duper comfy! Thanks Mum xxx

More make-up... I came across this site and there's a tab where you can request free gifts so I got this pack of teeny tiny samples from Mary Kay which includes 4 perfumes (you just rub the paper and smell it), a nourishine lipgloss in the shade Beach Bronze and 2 Mineral Bronzing Powders in Desert Sun and Canyon Gold.

And to clean up my act, I got some Lycia Make-up remover wipes as well:

I picked these up at a local super market and got them for Dry/Sensitive skin as the weather was wreacking havoc with my skin lately I have been experiencing drier skin. 

2 comments on "Collective Haul: Make-up & yet more shoes :D"
  1. Hope you can do a review on the foundation, be interesting to see how it compares to revlon colourstay. Also how good of a colour match to your skin tone is this shade?

  2. I sure will!! So far I'm loving the reuslts but I will give it a bit more time to see if I develop any reactions etc :)

    Although it looks darker, it is actually a very good match! The Revlon ColorStay has SPF and therefore will give off white reflects with flash photography :)