Haul Time & little bit of sad news

Hey all! Today I went shopping with Mum for some clothes to wear on Easter Sunday as we do celebrate it big where I live. Not only did I end up purchasing half of the whole outfit, I also picked up a few other items which I will show you later on in this post.

But first, I would like to dedicate a little space to a true beauty icon that passed away earlier today... Ms. Elizabeth Taylor.  I was really saddened at the news and the least I could do to honor her is post a picture of her on my blog. May she rest in peace...

Elizabeth Taylor in her younger days... wasn't she beautiful? I wish women today were as elegant as the women in that era!!

On to what I got... So I bought most of my stuff from New Look so I think I will start with them:

I love everything I got from there especially the pink mini hair straigtheners ^.^ even the plug is pink... how much cuter can you get?? The ring, I wore it as soon as I was out of the store as it happened to match my outfit.  I also got the bag as I had been lemming a tan cross-body bag for a while.  I also got two slouch cardigans and on my out I picked up two Blemish Muds from Montagne Jeunesse as I have loved it so much the last time I tried it.

This is the little jacket I picked up for Easter from Stradivarius:

I like the polka dot pattern on it and the cut is so vintage, reminds me of Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy! I will pick up a white skirt to go with it from Promod next Friday as they have to get it from another store for me. Fingers crossed it will fit me!

That's all for today ladies! Stay Beautiful!

2 comments on "Haul Time & little bit of sad news"
  1. Elizabeth Taylor was so beautiful! Even when she grew older. And the cardigans are lovely.. cause I have the coral one as well hehe :) x

  2. Elizabeth Taylor was gorgeous! Sad to hear she has passed.
    Love the slouch cardigans.