Mid-Week Beauty Master class: Mascara & False Eyelashes

Good morning ladies! Time for another beauty master class! Today, we will be talking about mascara and false eyelashes. Personally, mascara is my favourite make-up item as I love how it can alter your look to a whole new dimension.  This is even more so for false eyelashes and I can see why there has been all this hype around them lately.  I prefer natural looking ones though as I think fuller versions don't suit me.  Let's start with mascara and then go on to the false lashes. 


There exist a hoard of mascara formulations out there which translates to a big variety to choose from as well as confusion to beginners.  

Basically, you just have to first decide if you want a waterproof version (highly recommended in summer) or just a regular non-waterproof mascara.  Once you have decided on this, you need to know if you want thicker, longer or more defined lashes, then everything falls into place and you can try out different mascaras that fit your criteria!  Don't let all the different wands confuse you :)... thick and big wands are usually for big, thick lashes whilst smaller wands with more spaced-out bristles are usually for separating and defining lashes.

What you surely don't want is a clumpy or flakey mascara so do look up reviews on beauty blogs or YouTube before going out to buy a new mascara and also take your time to find out what works and what doesn't for your individual needs. One tip: Do not spend a fortune on mascara as you will have to chuck it out after 3 - 6 months.  

In fact, if your mascara smells funny, chuck it out immediately... no one wants eye infections!  To prolong the life of your mascara, try twisting the wand when taking it out instead of pulling it out straight away to prevent bacteria from entering the tube.  Mascaras work by coating the tips of your eyelashes in colour and thus make them look longer.  Nowadays, mascaras come in all sorts of colours as well apart from the usual black and brown so you are definitely spoilt for choice.

Mascara also comes in clear format and this is perfect for use on brow hairs to keep them in check and it also complements a natural, polished look to perfection!

For more fun facts about mascara, click here :)

False Lashes
Nowadays, falsies have gained quite some momentum in the beauty world as they are also becoming everyday staples in make-up routines... they are no longer reserved for parties and nights out only!  They are absolutely a blessing for people with short lashes and they range from the very subtle and natural versions to the more eccentric and colourful.  I really amaze myself at the way they change your whole look!

You will need a very good glue to make sure they do not come off.  I personally prefer Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive.  Duo Adhesive is also a very good alternative.  For a step-by-step guide on how to apply false lashes please click here.

I hope you found this post useful in some way :P

Happy lashing!!

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