Mid-Week Beauty Masterclass: Eyeliner

Eyeliners are unarguably a must-have in each make-up drawer. Whether pencils, creams or liquids, each and every girl/woman has some kind of eyeliner in her stash!

The reason why eyeliners are so popular is because they can really enhance the eyes.  They re-define and shape them, not to mention that they make our lashes look thicker!  Eyeliners give you the possibility to wear them in a subtle manner or else go for more dramatic looks in no time!

Let's have a look at all the different formulas available!

Pencil Eyeliners are the most popular kind of eyeliners.  They are also very convenient to carry around in your purse for touch ups on the go.  Pencil liners come in a very vast array of shades and finishes and are very easy to apply. However, if you have oily eyelids, you can set your eyeliner with a matching eyeshadow to prevent smudging.  Just remember to sharpen yours frequently to avoid bacteria flourishing on them and store away from humidity and heat.

Cream/Gel Eyeliners have become overly popular these last couple of years.  Although they are not that convenient to carry around as you need a brush to apply these, I personally recommend them as they last all day! They are usually creamy in texture and as a result apply easily and smoothly.  They usually come in plastic or glass pots and I advise you store them upside down to preserve them for a longer time!

Liquid Eyeliners are usually of two types: felt-tip and brush.  The former is easier to control as the tip doesn't move around like a brush's bristles. However, you need a steady hand with both of these so make sure to practice! Liquid eyeliners dry out fast so make sure to always close them tightly.

Eyeliner Pens are a great alternative to liquid eyeliners as they offer the facility of a pen together with the intense pigmentation of a liquid eyeliner! These are also great to carry around in your bag as they are very much conveniently sized!  Again, these do tend to dry out so store them upside down to keep the liner revived for longer!

Cake Eyeliners comes in the form of an eyeshadow but when applied, it feels like a cream/gel eyeliner! You just have to use a wet brush with them and once they dry, they last for a good amount of time.

Eyesahdow can also be used as an eyeliner and this is a great alternative to all of the above types as you can have all the colours of eyeliner you would want!  If you decide to use your eyeshadow in such a way and apply it wet, just make sure that you always keep the wet area of the eyeshadow for that purpose as when eyeshadows get wet, they start to crumble.

Here is a diagram illustrating the best ways to apply eyeliner according to your eye shape:

I hope you found this post interesting! Personally, I prefer gel and pen eyeliners out of these for my upper lash line and pencils for my lower lash line.  Which are your favourite types of eyeliner?
4 comments on "Mid-Week Beauty Masterclass: Eyeliner"
  1. eyeliner is my staple, you know i'm feeling rough if i leave the house without it! I like pencils when I'm doing a colour, and usually under my bottom lashline for a bit of a quirk. For lining my top lid I'm a liquid liner girl. Took some years of practice though!

  2. I prefer liquid liner for the upper lash line and pencil for the bottom one. Though honestly I have never tried the gel ones!

  3. I find liquid eyeliner a bit tricky to apply and I'm finding myself practicing a bit more how to use it but I prefer gel eyeliners as they are much easier to apply :)

  4. i like extending the eyes ;)