Mid-Week Beauty Masterclass: Lip Products

Following last week's post, here are different lip products one can use to enhance the natural colour of the lips as well as changing altogether.  (Needless to say, never share lip products so as to avoid contracting infections or transmit them for that matter). Ranging from lipsticks to lip glosses, here is everything you need to know about them!

Lipstick is perhaps the most popular lip product around ranging from the most subtle neutral shades to the more striking colours.  Furthermore, you get different finishes like matte, shimmery and frost so you are bound to find what works for you.  Lipsticks are usually enriched with moisturizing ingredients so they come in creamy formulas usually.  However, you may still find that some of them may dry out your lips.  Nowadays there are formulas that claim to last and be kiss proof and all that but I have never met that kind of lipstick (till now at least) so it's great that they come in tubes small enough to carry in your bags for touch-ups!

Lip Gloss is a product that you either love or hate. Some people are put off by the fact that some glosses are sticky but you can counteract that by slapping on some lip balm before you put gloss on.  They are not very much pigmented usually and they come in various tubes with different applicators; the most common being, the doe foot applicator, the ones where you twist the base and apply the product with the little brush and the squeezy tubes.

Lip Stain is half-way between a gloss and a lipstick as it applies like a gloss but is as pigmented as a lipstick.  They do last longer than lipsticks though so they are worth a try. 

Lip Balm is an indispensable product that everyone should have as it is the moisturizer of your lips.  They come in a variety of formats which are all usually handy to carry around (except those that come in pots for me at least as I hate having to put my fingers into them so I always use a brush with them) and they are flavoured most of the time.

Plumping lip formulas is a general term I'm using here for all the lip products that claim to make your lips looking fuller and plumper. In reality these do nothing except increase the blood flow to your lips making them feel tingling and look fuller. You can achieve the same effect minus the tinging by putting on some lip balm/ Vaseline before going to bed and by morning you will have plump lips!

I hope you have enjoyed reading through this post and maybe leant something new! Stay tuned for more!

2 comments on "Mid-Week Beauty Masterclass: Lip Products"
  1. I'm a total lip balm addict! I didnt know that they did them though, I thought just masks :)

  2. Yes they have a range of lip balms as well as hair masks and some other products as well! You're lucky you can buy online as well Enigma! Check out montagnejeunesse.co.uk for their whole range :)