NOTW: Ahoy Sailor!

We have been having quite some nice, sunny and warmer days lately that I was inspired to do a summery manicure.  I chose the nautical theme and came up with this:

All aboard to see how I did it!

1. Start with a clear base coat and proceed with a basic French manicure.  I chose elf Dark Navy as my tip colour.

2. With a red striping polish, draw a thin line just under the tip of your nails.

3.  Now for the anchor, use a white striping polish and start with the middle line.  Then, draw a curve at the base of the line and do little arrows at both ends of the curve.  Draw a horizontal line at the top of the vertical one and put a dot of white polish in the middle of this line, aligned with the vertical line.  Leave to dry.

4. For a hint of shine, I dabbed some Orly Dazzle on the anchor design.

5. Seal with a clear top-coat and you're done!

5 comments on "NOTW: Ahoy Sailor!"
  1. Love these! I love the nautical theme and these are perfect :) x

  2. Thank you girls! xx :)

  3. Lovely! I had some anchors on my nails this week. I like your french tips, I had to cut my nails so are too short for that atm. :)

  4. You can always bring the nail design down to suit your length! Try side-ways tips for example as they give the illusion of longer nails!