Review: Avon Retractable Lip Brush

Hey guys! Here's a quick review for today as I'm a bit busy with assignments and my dissertation...

As you can tell from the title, I'm going to review the Avon Retractable Lip Brush which I've had for a while now.  I got mine from ebay and since I bought it from a seller in the UK, it only took 5 or 6 days to get here.  However, I cannot remember how much I paid for it but it wasn't expensive at all.

The brush comes with a little transparent plastic pocket that says 'AVON' and it looks really sleek and feels sturdy:

I bought this brush as I was looking for a good lip brush with a cap that I can carry with me to touch up my lips without worrying about the potential mess in my bag.

What I like about this brush apart from the size of it (both in terms of packaging as well the bristles, which are the perfect size) is the fact that it is retractable, therefore you really do not have to worry should the cap come off in your bag as you won't have lipstick smeared on the insides.  Having said that, I'm pretty sure the cap won't come off as it closes really tightly.  Anyhow, there's a little sphere at the base of the brush which is pushed by inserting the bottom part into the cap (as there is another little sphere in the cap) and in turn, the brush is revealed and ready for use!  Here are some pictures to show you what I mean:

The bottom of the bush and the inside of the cap

The actual brush bristles

I have used this brush multiple times and washed it and up till now, I have never experienced any shedding whatsoever and also, the bristles are easy to clean and get all the product off them in next to no time!

I definitely recommend this brush to anyone looking for a good, bag-friendly lip brush so if you ever come across it, just grab it!

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