Review: e.l.f. All Over Color Sticks in Persimmon and Pink Lemonade

The weekend's here finally! Well it's not going to be one of rest and all play for me as I have to continue writing my dissertation and finishing off a couple of assignments I have before new ones crop up.

Anyways, today I am going to review these two little products that I've had for a while now: e.l.f.'s All Over Color Sticks in Persimmon and Pink Lemonade.  I got them after reading quite a good number of posts about them and decided to give them a go myself.  These two shades were the ones that appealed most to me out of the 6 shades available on the website.  Here's how they look like:

Pink Lemonade (left) & Persimmon All Over Colour Sticks

Originally, they come in a blister pack like all other products of elf's essential/regular line and they have a transparent pull-out cap... perfect to see which colour you are picking out!  You can view the original packaging by having a look at this post. To be honest I didn't think Pink Lemonade to be this dark but in reality, it is a very buildable colour and goes on very sheer at first. None the less, it is a very nice pink hue.  Here are a couple of swatches so you can see what I mean:

Pink Lemonade ~ Top: One application; Bottom: Multiple applications

To use the Color Sticks, you just twist the base and the product comes up; when ready, just twist the base in the opposite direction and the product will re-tract inside! I had a little problem with the twist-up mechanism of the Pink Lemonade one as it seemed to be stuck and I couldn't get the product out. So what I did, was I kept twisting the base and pulled at the product and I managed to get it out and then I just clicked it back in place, and now it works!

Although they look small, these Color Sticks contain 4g of product and I bet they are going to last for a long time... I've had them since December and have been using them quite a lot and yet they look like they have barely been used!  I really enjoy putting them on not only because they apply and blend smoothly, but also because I love their citrusy smell; it's nothing overpowering, just an orange smell that eventually goes away after a few minutes.  However, even though the smell goes away, the colour stays on for practically the whole day and doesn't feel a tad bit oily at all!

The All Over Color Sticks are perfect for when you're in a hurry as they are 3 in 1! Yes you read right! 3 in 1... eyes, lips, face!  I like to use Pink Lemonade as a cream blush and also as a lip colour whilst I use Persimmon as a highlight under my brow bone and on my cheek bones as well as a lip colour.  In fact, Persimmon is my favourite out of the two. I like to describe it as a golden, light peach colour.  Here's a swatch of it:

Persimmon ~ Top: One application; Bottom: Multiple applications

As strange as it may sound, I was never a big fan of multi-tasking products mainly because I always like to think that every part of my body has to have its own specific products; also with cosmetics that concern the face, such as the All Over Colour Sticks, I freak out at the though of the amount of bacteria that can transfer from your lips to your face and eyes, possibly causing breakouts and nasty infections.  Thereby, one tip to bear in mind when using these products, it to use a separate brush for each part of your face and if you need to apply more than once, make sure you clean the brush or use a new one to avoid contaminating the product itself!  Apart from that, it will save you from the product becoming detached from the base with any tugging you might use to apply it.

All Over Colour Sticks are available from the elf cosmetics website and are sold for £1.50/€1.70 each.

6 comments on "Review: e.l.f. All Over Color Sticks in Persimmon and Pink Lemonade"
  1. Pink lemonade looks lovely!

  2. It really is! Like I said, I thought it was gonna be a much darker pink but it turns out to be a really gorgeous shade of pink

  3. I have both of these as well and I love them. I also have the lilac petal one too. These are great and I actually am using pink lemonade today as a blush. :)

  4. How does lilac petal compare to these two Ashley?

  5. I have these in pink lemonade and spotlight. I don't like them unfortunately =/

  6. I have the pink lemonade and love it as blush!