Review: La Roche Posay Lipikar Xerand Hand Repair Cream

Today's review is about this fantastic product that ever since I discovered, I cannot live without and have been wondering ever since how I managed to go through all those winters without it! Enter La Roche Posay Lipikar Xerand Hand Repair Cream!

Actually I acquired this product for free as a relative of my boyfriend gave it to me.  Like all La Roche Posay products, it comes in a clean white tube with the signature blue box at the top and the black fonts describing what the product is.  I'm a big fan of La Roche Posay and so I had high hopes for this hand cream and it didn't disappoint me!

The tube holds 75ml of product which has a somewhat runny texture so I recommend you store it with the cap facing upwards unless you want the cream to come pouring out as soon as you open it!  Apart from the fact that it can be messy, I actually like this kind of texture in a hand cream as it is rapidly absorbed and doesn't leave my hands feel greasy so that I can carry on with what I was doing.

This cream is very lightly scented and it is recommended for dry and irritated hands.  In fact, since it doesn't have a strong smell, it is suitable to use against chill blains as it won't cause a burning sensation on cracks you might have in your skin.  I actually use this as a moisturizer on my face sometimes to treat the dry skin I have been having because of the weather!  This hand cream works by restoring the hydrolipidic protective film of the upper layer of your skin (first epidermal layer) to give you back soft and supple hands.  I prefer to apply this every day all year round to protect my hands against the days' stress factors apart from the cold winter air.  I also like the fact that this cream is water resistant.

I'm really glad I got to try this product as it really does deliver the promised results and my hands are well cared for throughout the year! Part of my job as a nail technician is to advise my clients on how to take optimal care of their hands and this is the product I recommend all the time!

Since I got this hand cream for free, I do not know the exact retail price but like all other La Roche Posay products, it will be priced at an affordable price.
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  1. Neat post and great review!
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  2. Thank you so much for your nice comment :)

    Yes sure! I will check out your blog and follow you right away :) xx

  3. I've read a lot of reviews on this brand and they're all positive, do you have reviews on any of the other products? I've been humming and hawing about buying them, I look at the in Boots then always go get something else :p

    Linsay x

  4. smoosh_kissxx, I do have a review on another product of theirs, the Targeted Breakout Corrector which you can have a look at here:

    I also have another review coming soon about the Lipikar body lotion :)