Review: Lycia Make-up Remover Wipes

Do you ever feel so lazy after a night out that you do not want to go through all the cleansing and make-up removing steps but you just want to collapse onto your bed and sleep right away? If the answer is yes, read on! 

We all have had the famous preach about threatening pimples and puffy eyes if you do not take off your make-up before you go to sleep at some point in our lives so here's a skin saver product that is just perfect to clean up your act in one go! Enter, Lycia Make-up Remover Wipes!

I have been looking for some good facial wipes that do not irritate my eyes for like forever and now that I have found them, I really hope Lycia will never think of discontinuing them!

Basically you get normal fabric wipes that are nicely moistened and contain amongst other ingredients, camomile and provitamin B5 which are both beneficial to your skin.  These wipes are really effective in removing all my make-up even the toughest of products as well as waterproof make-up.  For me, one wipe is enough to remove all the make-up from my face and I am talking about a full make-up application here including foundation, eyeshadow, etc...

The formula I chose is for dry and sensitive skin as my skin has shifted to being more dry this winter thanks to the weather.  It works beautifully in toning and hydrating my skin although I still apply a moisturizer afterwards to help hydrate my skin even more.  I have also noticed that these wipes have never irritated my eyes, unlike other brands that I've tried.

You can find Lycia wipes in most drugstores and there are different formulas available so you can get the ones that suit your skin most.  I cannot remember the exact price for these but they sure weren't expensive at all :)

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  1. I always use wipes after a night out.. I know that's laziness speaking haha. My Nivea ones have finished, I'll look for these at my nearby store.