Review: NYX HD Studio Formula Photogenic Foundation in HDF02 Soft Beige + Comparison with Revlon ColorStay Foundation in 180 Sand Beige for Oily/Combination Skin

The title of this post is really mouthful but at least you now what I will be talking about! So first, I am going to review the NYX HD Foundation and then I'm going to compare it to the Revlon ColorStay (you can read the full review on it here and then come back to this post!)

I got the NYX HD Foundation from an ebay seller earlier this month and I also got a free lip pencil with it which I will be reviewing very soon after testing it out properly.  Anyways, it took somewhere round two weeks to get from the US via USPS and I'm glad it arrived in perfect condition :D not even the box was crushed or anything!! So here's what the box and the actual foundation bottle look like:

The pictures on the box explain exactly what HD effect means (you can enlarge the picture by clicking on it for a full description) and I think that's really original and good thinking on the part of NYX as I have never seen any explanations whatsoever on any other HD products from other brands.  The bottle is made of plastic and also very convenient as it comes with a nice pump so you can control how much product you use.  

When I first got this foundation, I thought I got the wrong shade as I perceived it to be darker than my actual skin tone but as soon as I tested it on my temples and jaw-line, I had a sigh of relief as it is a very close match to my skin tone (always remember to test foundation on your temples/jaw-line and never invite your hands to the party as the skin on them will be different than on your face)!

I like how this foundation is mineral-enriched, paraben-free and also talc-free as well as being cruelty free.  It offers medium to high coverage but as always you can build it up as you like.  Personally, half a pump does it for me as I do not need much coverage.  The texture is quite nice to work with as it blends really well (I use the elf Studio Powder Brush to apply this foundation).

Why is being HD such a big deal? First of all, the cost... this cost me €12.69 which is much cheaper than other HD foundations from other brands; and secondly, and HD foundation will not make your face look white with flash photography since it doesn't contain SPF.  Therefore I like to use this foundation when going out at night as you do not need SPF at night and if I take any pictures, I will not look pale and washed-out! You can easily conclude that I really like this foundation!

Now on to the comparison with Revlon ColorStay...

Packaging: Revlon ColorStay comes in a 30ml format in a glass bottle with no pump whilst NYX HD Foundation comes in a 36ml format in a plastic bottle with a pump and is supplied in a box.

Formula and ingredients: Revlon ColorStay contains SPF and is not cruelty free whereas NYX HD Foundation is HD (!), mineral enriched, talc, paraben and lead free.  The NYX formula is good for all skin types and carries no particular scent while Revlon ColorStay comes in formulas adapted for Normal/Dry Skin or Oily/Combination Skin.  The texture of both is quite nice to work with and they both blend nicely.

Colour Match with my skin tone: In Revlon ColorStay, I am shade 180 Sand Beige and in NYX HD Foundation, my shade is HDF02 Soft Beige.  If I had to put the the bottles next to each other or even if I put some of the foundations next to each other, you will immediately notice that the NYX one is darker than the Revlon ColorStay.  However, they both match my skin perfectly well on blending and also bear in mind that Revlon ColorStay has SPF, so it will appear whiter.

NYX HD Foundation (right) and Revlon ColorStay (left). 

Price: Revlon ColorStay cost me around €18 whilst NYX HD Foundation cost me €12.69 and came with a free lip pencil.

As a concluding remark, I like both of these foundations and I use them when I feel my skin need a little more extra coverage than just a thin veil of tinted moisturizer but I keep the NYX HD for night and the Revlon ColorStay for day.

You can see swatches of all the foundations in the NYX HD range here.  Sorry but I could not find any skin swatches for Revlon ColorStay.

Have you tried any of these foundations ladies? Which do you like best?

2 comments on "Review: NYX HD Studio Formula Photogenic Foundation in HDF02 Soft Beige + Comparison with Revlon ColorStay Foundation in 180 Sand Beige for Oily/Combination Skin"
  1. I have heard a lot of good reviews about the Revlon Colorstay but I only have the mineral version. Though it sucks to have a liquid foundation without the pump! xo

  2. That's what bugs me about it, otherwise it is a very good foundation; but like I said, I only use it during the day or when I know I'm not going to take any pictures :) xx