Review: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

Today's review will focus on NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.  This was actually the first product I got from NYX after seeing all the raving about it on YouTube and other blogs.  Honestly, I do not regret buying it at all! I bought mine off ebay a few months ago and have been loving it ever since!

With regards packaging, there's nothing special; it's just a regular jumbo pencil with a transparent cap:

What I appreciate most about this product is the texture and the whiteness of it.  You will see from the swatches that it is actually a true white without any shimmer whatsoever and it is very creamy and glides on smoothly and effortlessly... perfect for a product that has to be used on the eyes as you don't have to tug at them!  It is extremely pigmented and offers good coverage.  This eye pencil carries no scent.

I like to use mine in three different ways mainly:
1. As a creamy eyeshadow base as it pops out the colours and provides a sticky base for powder eyeshadows to stick to
2. On my upper and lower waterlines (inside) to make my eyes look bigger and brighter.  I also blend it with the colour of eyeliner I want to use that day on my lower waterline so as not to look dead
3. In my inner corner as a highlight.  I just put a little dot and then blend it out with a small brush.

So, you see it is a very versatile product and apart from this one, NYX have a wide range colours... I'm already planning on new ones to get!

Mine cost me around €3 from an ebay seller but you can also get these from other internet sites as well as from the NYX website itself, however I think shipping is overly expensive from such online shops so I opted for ebay as it is a better option in terms of cost :)

This is all I have to say on this product and I hope I can get my hands on more of these!

Have you tried any of these Jumbo Eye Pencils? How do you feel about them and do you have any that you would recommend?

9 comments on "Review: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk"
  1. I <3 them. I own Black, Black Bean(brown), Rocky Mountain Green, and Rust(a brownish red). I've not been able to find Milk at any of my stores because they're sold out. I absolutely LOVE these. I have noticed a problem with the plastic pencils (it looks like yours is plastic). Some YouTube people say it's hard to sharpen, so they had to depot it. No problem with the wooden pencils though.

  2. Thank you on the heads up! Yes mine is plastic so maybe I will have to look up a tutorial on how to depot it :). I have my eyes on Rocky Mountain Green and Rust... how do they compare?

  3. No problem! I've only used the green under my St. Paddy's themed looks and OMG did they make the green shadow just pop. I'll use the rust under browns or reds and it's just as great. I learned not to wear them alone or too thick as they crease on my oily lids. But using them lightly and blending over a primer is AMAZING. Rust is also the perfect name as it's a coppery reddish brown.

  4. Thank you so much! I will definitely be getting them then! xx

  5. I once bought a set of 6 jumbo pencils as a gift.. can't remember the price though! Did you buy it on its own?

  6. Actually yes Gertrude, I got this on its own :)

  7. I really want to get one of these. :)

  8. Try ebay like I did Ashley :) here, try this seller: