Initial Thoughts: Lepo Skin Care and Cosmetics

Last weekend I received a few samples of Lepo products to try before I decide to purchase anything from a new local online shop.  I used all the samples during this week and here are my initial thoughts on all of them.  I will focus mostly on the skin care range as the foundations didn't match my skin tone so I cannot comment on their performance.  I will however describe the texture and consistency as best I can.  Oh and by the way, you maybe aware that I was looking for new skin care products... I think the search is over ;)  So, let's get started!

All the sachets contained 2ml of product but I will state how many applications I got out of each one.  Since I only had a little product, this is not going to be a full review, hence the title, 'Initial thoughts'.  However, for me, it is enough to see whether they worked or not!

Cleanser for Oily Skin: I got 2 applications out of this sachet.  The consistency is rather runny but lathers up quickly on the face and the product has a greenish tinge to it.  It doesn't smell that nice but keep in mind most of the ingredients are naturally derived such as Rosemary essential oil, Burdock and Soya.  It rinses off quickly and didn't irritate my skin.  Furthermore, I didn't get any breakouts up to now.  I think this will be my new cleanser as soon as I finish the ones I'm using!

Face Mask for Oily Skin: I only managed to use this mask once but I was really pleased with how soft my skin felt afterwards. It resembles a mud mask but it is much lighter in colour and not as thick in consistency.  Again, it contains Burdock as well as Maize and unfortunately neither this does smell particularly nice. Having said that, I don't mind the smell though as long as the product does it's job. I don't think I will buy this mask though as the results are the same as with my beloved (much nicer smelling and cheaper) Montagne Jeunesse masques.

Moisturizer for Oily Skin: This is the product I got most applications out of - 4! I'm so glad I did as this smells nice compared to the others and I need a good moisturizer for my skin that I can use all year round.  The texture is very creamy and is rapidly absorbed through the skin.  I think this, together with the cleanser, are what really impressed me out of all the samples I was sent so I guess they are the two products I will eventually purchase.

Foundation for oily skin: I was also sent a foundation targeted for oily skin.  Sadly, the shade was too dark for me (I got shade no.21).  However, I swatched some on the back of my hand and the consistency is nice to work with but I found it is quite dry once set.  Unfortunately I cannot go any further on this one :(

Liquid foundation: Although this foundation was also a tad dark for me (shade no.6), it is the one I like most as if feels and smells very fresh and the consistency is just right!

Ultra soft mousse foundation: This foundation was also too dark for me (I got shade no.41) so I could only swatch it on the back of my hand.  Personally, I really dislike mousse foundations as to me, they look cakey so even if the tone matched, this would still be a no-no for me and the muddy scent is a contributing factor here.  The formula goes on a bit hard at first but then it softens.  It is a pain to take off though but with make-up remover wipes you should be ok.

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