Mid-Week Beauty Masterclass: Eyebrow Fillers

Hello my lovelies! I hope you're all doing great! After last week's absence, the Mid-Week Beauty Masterclass is back again with all the other posts :D This week, we will have a look at the Cinderella of our faces... eyebrows and ways to fill them in to polish up our look.  I referred to them as the 'Cinderella of our faces' simply because we tend to neglect them more often than not; but nicely shaped and well-groomed brows are essential to give us a more polished appearance.  For more information how to groom your brows, check out this post, then hit 'backspace' to see which eyebrow filling method works best for you!

Eyebrow pencil is the most common form of eyebrow filler.  It is very easy to control and you have to be careful so that it doesn't look too harsh or unnatural.  You can find eyebrow pencils in an array of neutral shades that match most eyebrows and most of them come with a little blender as well.  Pencils are also practical to carry around due to their smallish size. Always remember to keep the point sharpened for a more precise application!  Eyebrow pencils are also a much more natural-looking way to draw brows from scratch, especially for people who used to shave off their brows completely... eyebrow tattoos are way too harsh and unnatural if you ask me! 

Here are a couple of diagrams that show you how to fill in brows and define your arch:

Eyebrow wax/powder compacts are a more practical and handy alternative to pencils as they usually also come with a mirror and a little applicator brush.  You first fill your brows as needed with the powder and then put on a little wax to help seal everything for a longer time than a pencil lasts.

Eyebrow mascaras are literally like mascaras that come in a range of colours similar to the eyebrow pencils that you can coat your eyebrows with for a fuller look.  Clear eyebrow mascaras are used to keep your brows in check during the day!

3 comments on "Mid-Week Beauty Masterclass: Eyebrow Fillers"
  1. Its so simple to do and makes such a massive change in the look which you dont know is missing until you do it :)

  2. I personally do not make use of such products as my brows are quite thick themselves but when I feel the need to fill any gaps (too much plucking from my beautician's side) it really does make a difference!

  3. Really helpful, thanks!