Mid-Week Beauty Masterclass: Make-Up Fixers

Just like we use a base and top-coats on our nails to achieve a perfect manicure that lasts, we use a primer and fixer for our make-up for the same reasons... create a smooth canvas to work on and make the make-up last longer! You can read more about make-up primers here.  This week's post will focus on make-up fixers.

Basically, as they name suggests, a make-up fixer fixes your make-up so it lasts longer.  Since they usually come in spray bottles, people also tend to carry them around to refresh their faces if needed especially in the hotter months.  Personally, I skip using a fixer more often than not as I do not wear a lot of make-up everyday but I do use it at weekends to keep my make-up looking fresh all night.

As I said before, make-up fixers are usually supplied in spray bottles so you just have to keep them around 15cm away from your face and spray just once (keep your eyes closed!).  Alternatively, you can spray a little in the air and walk into it.  Apart for keeping your make-up on for longer, fixers also give a nice dewy finish to your face.

There are different fixers available on the market to suit all budgets but if you don't want to spend money on one, just remember to apply a good base for your make-up and take care of your skin the proper way :)

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