NOTW: Bright Spring Nails (water decals)

Good morning ladies? How was your weekend?

Here's how I wore my nails during the week and as usual, the tutorial!

1. Start with a clear base coat and leave to dry.

2. For the ring fingers, I chose to use some water decals instead of hand painted nail art and I picked these green and blue flowers from Viva La Nails.  The colour I painted underneath is BYS Aqua Pool (2 coats).

3. Now for the other nails... Paint diagonally a lime coloured nail polish on half of your tip as if to make a slant French tip and leave to dry. Apply a second coat if necessary and leave to dry as well. Here I chose BYS Lime Spritz.

4. On the other half of the nail tip, paint a little triangle as shown in the pictures with the same colour you used for the ring fingers, just under the lime colour.  Be careful not to overlap. Leave to dry and apply a second coat if you so desire.

5. Define the borders with a grey striper polish and let dry.

6. Put on a coat of glossy top coat on all the nails and you're done!

4 comments on "NOTW: Bright Spring Nails (water decals)"
  1. The ring finger design is really cute! x

  2. I like it very much! I should try these water decals!

  3. You most definitely should Natalie! They're so cute and easy to use!