NOTW: Sunflowers

Hey guys here's the nail art tutorial for this week :)

I opted for something quite bright here with the yellowy-golden polish, but spring/summer is all about having fun isn't it? Keep on reading to see how you can do this design yourselves :)

1. Prep nails with a clear base coat and apply two coats of a golden yellow nail polish on all nails except for the ring fingers. I used Golden Rose Paris Lacquer in no.41.

2. At this stage, you can top coat the painted nails and when dry, proceed with the design on the ring fingers.

3. For the ring fingers, paint diagonally tow coats of a dark purple polish.  I used a Special Edition shade from Barry M.

4. When dry, get a detailing brush and with the golden polish, paint five pointy petals to form a flower.

5. While you still have the brush at hand, paint three leaves on both extremities of the flower. Start by drawing two in the shape of a 'V' and then put one in the middle of it.

6. By means of a medium sized dotting tool, place one dot in the centre of the flower and then proceed by placing dots at regular intervals along the purple polish line as shown in the pictures.

7. Add a top coat and you're done!

2 comments on "NOTW: Sunflowers"
  1. Love the gold/purple combination. Can't tell you enough how jealous of your nails I am! Their shape is perfect :) xo

  2. You made me blush at this comment :) but thanks a lot :) xx