Review: Montagne Jeunesse Cucumber Peel-Off Masque

Good morning beautiful people :) Today I will be reviewing another Montagne Jeunesse face masque.  By now, you may have noticed how much I love MJ face masques. I love all their range so I'm constantly looking for new ones to try and this masque right here was a case in point! I was sent this masque for free and I was delighted that it was one I have never used before. 

As usual, here's what the sachet looks like... I'm a fan of the pink colour of this sachet as much as I am of the results delivered!  The only two things that bothered me are the smell of methol that burned my eyes a little as the masque was settling on my skin and a little itchy patch I woke up with the next morning on the side of one of my cheeks.

The masque has a gel-like consistency but is more on the watery side.  It has a light green tinge to it but it goes on clear.  I do like the refreshing smell of vapour-rub even though I expected it to smell like cucumbers.  I also like the results this masque delivers so I put up with the burning eyes hehe :)

Peeling off the masque is very easy... fun actually!! It is like peeling a layer of plastic to reveal the nice, smooth and radiant skin underneath!  And the best part is... I checked my nose immediately as that is where I get most black heads and.... there was not even one in sight! How's that for a deep cleaning masque?  The itchy patch did bother me though, but it was nothing a little cream didn't get rid of.

I find that peel-off masques do not have that much product as the thicker ones so I guess you will manage something around 3 applications out of this sachet.  I have only used this once as I didn't want to get another itchy patch on my face though.

Have you ever tried this masque ladies? What are your feelings about it?

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