Review: Viva La Nails Water Decals

Hey guys! By now you now how much I'm fond of nails and nail art and I like free-hand nail art most.  However, being busy does not always allow me the time it takes to achieve a perfect design so I sometimes opt for other ways to embellish my nails... stamping, stickers, glitter and flitter, etc... Today I will review another nail embellishing product, the Viva La Nails Water Decals.

I got these way back in October last year as part of the blogger/youtuber sample pack.  In the pack, there were three little sheets of water decals and I have already used a couple of designs from two of the sheets.  Here is a picture of each manicure I used them for:

The decals are packed in a nice silver cardboard sleeve all wrapped in a clear plastic pocket.  You get 20 designs in each pack and they are all covered with a thin protective film.

I thought that they are going to be difficult to handle but when I looked up instructions on the Viva La Nails website (as they are not supplied), I found a very helpful video that shows you step by step how to use them.

Basically, you just need some good tweezers (I use a rhinestone nipper I got from ebay), room temperature water and steady hands!

Here's a quick explanation...

1. Cut out the design of your choice and remove the protective film.

2. Float the design (facing upwards) on some room temperature water for a few seconds.

3. Pull out with a pair of tweezers and put face down on the opposing finger pad.

4. Slide off the backing and pick the design up with the tweezers.  If the backing doesn't come off immediately, float the design on water for some more time.

5. Choose which finger nail you want to place the design on and layer carefully, making sure there are no air bubbles.  Remember, you have one minute until the design dries so take your time to maneuver it in position.

6. Leave to dry and top-coat! Pretty easy huh?

There's a vast array of designs to choose from and they are all priced at £1.95 so it's a very good deal for those looking for an attractive and inexpensive way to jazz up their nails.  I found that with a good top coat, they last well over a week too!

These water decals are also suitable to use on artificial nail enhancements so I think I will be getting more soon :)

Have you ever tried any Viva La Nails products ladies?

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  1. So they are like Nail Tattoos? That's awesome. I might have to give them a try!

    1. Yeah you can call them that :)