Collective ebay Haul

Hello dolls :) Here's a collective haul of some stuff I got from ebay during the last couple of weeks to cheer me up as soon as they pop in the mail... at least I can distract my mind off of my studies for a little while!

First up, some Mylar nail art sheets and a free sachet of nail stickers I got with my purchase

I got myself a new set of nail art brushes... this time they are pink! I gave the other ones to my Dad (still in pristine condition) as he is currently revisiting a childhood hobby of his, aviation model building and he needed some fine brushes to paint the details on.

I have been wanting a pair of anchor earrings for ages now and finally I found the perfect pair!! I like how they look so vintagey... can't wait to wear them!

I also ordered a presentation pack of the official British Royal Wedding postage stamps. Here are some pictures:

Finally, while I was busy studying, this morning, Mum went shopping and got me this beautiful bracelet and a pair of silver stud earrings :)

As soon as I finish my exams, I will order a few more China Glaze polishes as well as an over-due elf order to treat myself hehe so watch out for that! I will also be getting some new necklaces and earrings (yeah I can never have enough accessories) so if you're interested I can do some jewellery collection posts for you cupcakes :) Until next time, stay beautiful!

6 comments on "Collective ebay Haul"
  1. I've bought a lot of stuff from Ebay these days too! (*___*)

  2. Hehe being at home most of the time seriously doesn't help my wallet :S

  3. I seem to flit between really liking the different colour tips to not liking it. I think it looks different so maybe thats why! Either way I like the ones you did with the tiger print the other day :)

  4. Thanks for the compliment Enigma :) that's the fun about nails... you can play with lots of different looks and see which work for you and which don't! xx

  5. Staying home to study for exams makes me do a lot of e-shopping too! Lovely haul sweety!

  6. Thank you Natalie :) God I spend so much time browsing sites and causing damage to my purse hehe