Kreativ Blogger Award

I've been tagged by the lovely Zarina of Marshee and she awarded me the Kreativ Blogger Award ^.^

So basically, on receiving this award, I have to share ten things about me :) Here goes!

1.  I'm OCD with being organized in everything I do! So much so that I keep not one but three diaries lol... 1 for University, 1 for my clients' appointments and another one in which I write all other errands and deadlines

2. I do not own any pets... never did actually! Well we only got far as to keep a couple of birdies or fishes but no cats or dogs (one day I will though :P)

3. I have only ever had three cell phones since I was 12 years old... a Nokia 3310, a Sharp GX25 and my current Nokia Xpress Music 5800 Navigator

4. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved reading & writing.  In fact I much prefer reading a book over watching TV!

5. I didn't always have long fingernails! I have started growing them out when I was about 12 or 13 years of age!

6. I collect postage stamps and my collection is ever increasing 

7. High heels are my preferred type of shoes

8. My favourite subject at University is Transfusion Medicine.  In fact, I would really like to start working in the Transfusion Lab once I graduate.

9. When I was younger, another hobby I had was making all sorts of crafts... jewellery, Christmas tree decorations, etc... I don't have the time to do any nowadays though :(

10. In Malta, by tradition, when a baby turns 1 year old the parents tend to organize a little party and at some point, they place a small array of things on the floor such as rosary beads, a pen, a wooden spoon, etc which are representative of different careers mostly and what the baby picks, they say that he/she will progress to that job later on in life. I picked up my uncle's wallet!! So that proves I was going to be a big spender :P

I award this to all of you, my beautiful followers :) Looking forward to reading all your responses!

3 comments on "Kreativ Blogger Award"
  1. Congrats! Very interesting and funny 10 things! Especially the last one! haha!

  2. Thank you Natalie :) glad you enjoyed the post... would love to see your responses :) xx

  3. Got to love the old 3310, I think everyone had one! :P x