Mid-Week Beauty Masterclass: Choosing the Right Make-Up Colours

Hello everyone! Middle of the week already (and the day's almost gone), hence time for this week's beauty masterclass! Today, I will guide you to choosing the best make-up colours according to skin-tone and eye colour so keep on reading to find out what works best for you!

Make-up according to your skin tone

First, you need to determine where your skin tone falls in terms of cool or warm under-tones.  It is very easy to know this... just place a pink towel on one shoulder and a peach one on the other and stand in front of a mirror, possibly in day light (if it's not possible, choose a room with white light).  The colour which suits you most is your under-tone. 

Pink = cool colours suit you best
Peach = warm colours are your best bet
Both = you're lucky as you can get away with pretty much anything! (most applicable to people with fair skin and dark hair).

Make-up according to your eye colour

We mostly apply make-up near our eyes so it is important that the colours chosen complement their colour and shape (we will see into the issue in more detail in another post).

While natural tones suit anyone, younger people may want to opt for brighter colours but always make sure to balance them out so you don't look OTT.  The best way to see which colours works best for you, is to get experimenting! Get help from your beauty therapist or else dig into your collection and you are bound to own an eyeshadow palette with various colours... apply them and see which ones suit you best.

For those starting out, here are a few tips:

Dark colors will minimize your eyes, while light shades will make them stand out.

Consider soft browns and tans with sandy or pink undertones for blue eyes.

Wear khaki and brown shades with yellow undertones for green eyes.

Accent dark brown and black eyes with brown and charcoal shadows.  However, brown eyes, unlike other eyes, do not have an opposite or complementary color. This is because brown is actually a combination of the other colors. In other words, it contains blue, red and yellow. So, technically when it comes to eyeshadow makeup tips for brown eyes, most eye makeup colors work!

So basically, you just have to find what works best for you, then don't be afraid to experiment with new colours and application techniques :) Enjoy!

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