NOTW: Hearts and Butterflies

Being busy most of the week means I don't get to do elaborate nail art... but, it doesn't necessarily mean that I do not do my nails ;P Here's how I've been wearing mine this week:

As you can see, it is a very easy design that anyone can pull-off! Here's how I did it:

1. Prep nails with a clear base coat and follow with two coats of a lilac polish (I used e.l.f. Lilac).

2. When dry, apply one or two coats of a purple glitter polish depending on how intense you want your glitter to be.

3.  While the ring fingers are still wet, place a butterfly motif and a heart motif and wait for them to dry.

4. Seal with a clear top coat and you're done!

7 comments on "NOTW: Hearts and Butterflies"
  1. I am soo tempted by that ELF Lilac! x

  2. Thank you girls :) xx

    Lilac is a very nice shade and perfect for Spring/Summer as well, so I'd say get it :P

  3. How similar would you say it was to the shade in this post?

    Hope you dont mind the link in your comments, it is relevent!

  4. I'd defo say it's lighter than the Barry M one

  5. Thanks for getting back to me, I think now I am going to have to stick it on my next ELF order! x

  6. :P £1.50 won't set you back much would it? hehe xx