NOTW: Neutral Toned Abstract

Happy Sunday everyone! I excuse myself once again for the lack of posting but it's the final stretch now... in three weeks' time I will no longer be a University student so I really have to give it my best shot.  So that's why I'm not finding time to do proper blog posts as I really like to plan what I have to say and stuff... I want whatever I'm doing to be done well so if I cannot dedicate enough to a task, I do not do it in the first place. I really appreciate every follower of this blog, new and 'old' for sticking with me so here goes a big THANK YOU and a BIG HUG to you all :D Anyways, here's the nail art design I have been wearing this week:

As you can see, it is an abstract design but since it is quite a busy design, I opted to create it on the ring fingers and thumbs only.  I also chose neutral colours to make it more wearable.  Here's how you can re-create it yourselves!

1. Start with a base coat and when dry, proceed by painting two coats of a nude polish of your choice.  I chose e.l.f. Desert Haze.

2. For the design, start by making a thick diagonal line with a dark brown nail polish. I used Oil of Olay Nail Lacquer in Bronze Reflection.
3. With a light coppery toned polish, make a smaller diagonal line from the tip all the way to the brown line you have just drawn. Do not overlap them, just make them meet. Here I used e.l.f. Blush.

4. With a taupe nail polish, draw a semi-circle at the corner of your nail, going over the brown line. I used e.l.f. Smokey Brown.

5. With an even darker brown nail polish, do little connections between the other lines.

6. With a dotting tool, place dots wherever you want and using any of the colours. To make the two-toned dots, simply dot a larger dot with one colour and then place a smaller dot inside it with another colour.

7. Optional: you can also adhere some rhinestones or pearls like I did on my ring fingers.

8. Seal with a top coat and you're done!

3 comments on "NOTW: Neutral Toned Abstract"
  1. Wow, that's gorgeous. O_O You have talent gurl. That nude polish is the bomb :) x

  2. Thank you, your comment is much appreciated :D Actually I have to purchase a new bottle of that nude polish as I managed to drop it and smash it to pieces last Friday :(