NOTW: Pink Gradient and Tiger Stripes

Good morning ladies :) Hope you all had a nice weekend! This week's nail tutorial is quite simple and I decided to use the sponging technique as I hadn't done a nail design with it in a while.  Here's the end result:

... and here's the step-by-step tutorial!

1. Apply a base coat and when dry, paint on one coat of an iridescent pink nail polish. I used BYS Passion Pink.

2. Using a make-up applicator sponge, dab a little shocking pink nail polish onto the tips of the nail and go little further down. Here I used Rimmel 60 Seconds Funtime Fuchsia.

3. Using another side of the make-up sponge, dab a little neon purple polish at the very tips to create a gradient effect.  I used BYS Ultraviolet.

4. Apply a little clear glitter polish to blend the colours together and let dry. I used e.l.f. Twinkle.

5. By means of a black striper polish, draw stripes as in the picture.

6. Apply another thin coat of the glitter polish over the stripes for added sparkle.

7. Let dry and seal with a top coat!

P.S. Earlier this week I organized all my nail polish swatches on nail wheels so if anyone if interested to see my collection, just leave a comment :)

8 comments on "NOTW: Pink Gradient and Tiger Stripes"
  1. Love this xD I'd definitely love to see the colour wheel xD

  2. Thank you Dyna :) will do a collection post soon :) xx

  3. ur nails always look so cool and these are super cute! xx

  4. Thanks for the compliment :) xx

  5. Nice, it looks like Beenabop nailart tutorial on youtube lol

  6. I really like it! The iridescent pink base is beautiful!

  7. Thank you Natalie :) xxx

  8. Lovely look! Thanks for sharing the tutorial :)