Review: Face Candy Couture Mineral Eyeshadows

Good morning lovelies :) I've been meaning to do this review since forever but it is only now I got round to do it. I ordered some free samples from Face Candy Couture when I saw them featured on a few blogs and I remember getting 5 little sample bags containing 'enough eyeshadow for one application' in a standard envelope. The ones sent are chosen by the owner Shantle Shipp but I was really happy with what she sent me.  Here are the ones I got:

The one that I was particularly happy to get is the red one, Dare, as I have been looking for a reddish eyeshadow as I do not have any in my collection.  I really like the other ones as well because they are typically colours I would choose myself.  

All of these eyeshadows are very pigmented and finely milled.  Being mineral, they are free from parabens and additives and hence hypoallergenic.  Here are some photos of looks I created with some of these eyeshadows:

  Pinecone (left, outer corner and crease) & Leaves (right, outer corner)

 Dare (left, outer corner) & Chill (right, used as eyeliner)

... and here are individual swatches without any primer underneath:

L - R: Pinecone, Chill, Deep Cranberry, Leaves & Dare

I'm really pleased with the performance and lasting power of these eyeshadows and will definitely purchase some in the near future!  As I said before, on the site there is written that you only get enough eyeshadow for one application, but since I used a little, I still have more to spare!  In fact, with such a good pigmentation, a little goes a long way with these eyeshadows and they are very easy to blend with other colours.

Have you ever tried any eyeshadows from Face Candy Couture? Which are your favourites?

3 comments on "Review: Face Candy Couture Mineral Eyeshadows"
  1. I've not tried them before, but looks like you got some great colours, and the pics look really great. I tend to be a bit tame when it comes to eyeshadows, all browns, greys etc but these look fantastic :) xx

  2. Thank you for your comment Rhi :) I used to be like you when it comes to eyeshadows but nowadays I tend to experiment with colours a bit more especially in spring and summer and so far, I like it!

  3. I didn't know this make up brand! Thank you, I'll ask for my 5 samples too to try it!