Review: Montagne Jeunesse Exfoliating Masque

Hello ladies! Sorry for the lack of posting these last few days but I'm quite busy studying for my finals... so busy that Mum went shopping today and I couldn't go with her ;(  Anyways, today I will review another face masque from Montagne Jeunesse, namely, their Exfoliating Scrub which contains peach kernel and walnut among other ingredients.

In what ways does this masque differ from the other MJ masques I have tried? Well, basically, it is two things: texture and hence the mode of application. The texture is very similar to your regular facial scrub, only thicker and this stuff smells of peach!! I just love it when this stuff is on my face and I can still smell it after I rinse it off.  On thing to point out here is that the granules are just the correct size... not too harsh and not too mini!

So basically, you have to massage this masque on your face to get the most out of its exfoliating action and then leave it for around 10 minutes (according to the instructions on the pack), massage one more time and rinse off with water.  When I followed these exact directions, I found the masque a bit too dry to massage it again prior to rinsing so the next time I used this masque, I left in on for a couple minutes less and it was easier to massage.  Another thing you could try is to dampen your fingertips with a little water and then massage the product one last time.

I managed to get 6 uses out of this sachet and like most other masques, one was a trial on my boyfriend hehe. It also happened to be the first use and since I have never tried this masque before, neither of us knew the surprise that was in store for us after I rinsed it off his face. So, to cut a long story short, we were both left with smoother-feeling skin and to my bf's horror and my amusement, we also had specks of tiny glitter/shimmer all over our faces!!!  So I recommend you use this masque before going to bed.

Texture of the masque ~ Apart from the exfoliating granules, up close you can also see its pearly white colour and a hint of shimmer

Apart from the glitter thingy, I really like this masque and it will be a definite repurchase... will come in handy for those days when I'm busy or too tired to do a full cleansing routine!

You can view the whole range/buy (if you're in the UK) of Natural Beauty Products from Montagne Jeunesse by visiting their website.

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