Review: Sigma Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki F80

Hello my lovelies :) Nice sunny weather here today and I feel really good after I walked the way back home from the stationer... finally, I printed the final copies of my dissertation and tomorrow I will hand them in yayy!!! :D

Today I'm going to review the latest addition to my brush collection and which I have had for some time now and I can't seem to stop using it! I'm talking about the Sigma F80 or the Flat Top Kabuki from the Sigmax Face Edition.

I got this brush as part of the Sigma Beauty Affiliate Program earlier last month and it came in this cute red organza pouch together with a few promotional leaflets from Sigma themselves.  The brush also comes with a dust cover and a plastic sleeve on the handle but I already threw the latter away. 

When I took the brush for the first time in my hands, I could smell a strong 'new brush scent' if you know what I mean; it felt as if the brush has just been made and shipped straight away and I still can detect the same scent to date.  

However, you will for sure notice the softness of the bristles and the density of them.  Together with the flat top, the bristles make for flawless application of cream, liquid and powder products alike and I confirm this as I have used this brush to apply liquid and powder foundation as well as cream and powder blushes and I have never been disappointed with the results.  However, do be careful with richly pigmented products as since the brush is so dense, you may end up with blotches of product which are hard to blend, so it is best if you build up colour/coverage slowly.  The bristles feel really soft against the skin and to a very good job at blending products.  The handle is also ergonomically designed so you are guaranteed a perfect application.

I have already washed the brush a couple of times and it has never shed a single hair ever since I got it.  Also, I haven't seen any bleeding from the bristles' side.  Since the brush is so dense though, it does take some time to dry.

The F80 retails for $16.00 on the Sigma website or you can get the whole Synthetic Face Kit for $42.00 and it comprises the F80, F82 (Round Top Kabuki) and F84 (Angled Top Kabuki).  

However, if you do not want to fork out the cash, the elf Studio Powder Brush which retails for £3.50/€4.00 on the elf cosmetics website is a nice alternative to the F80.  You can check out the review on the elf Powder Brush here.

e.l.f. Studio Powder Brush (left) and Sigma F80

Have you tried the Sigma F80? Thoughts about it? If you have both the F80 and the elf Powder Brush how do think they compare?

3 comments on "Review: Sigma Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki F80"
  1. wow! I haven't tried them yet but I would really love to!! Right now I'm kind of craving the F80 since so many people keep stating it is absolutly amazing! too bad the shipping cost is kind of expensive!:(

  2. i love the f80 more than the elf powder. i like that the hair is shorter and more closely packed on f80 thus making it easier to blend. when i apply powder to my face i like to buff in the foundation with powder on top its extra buffing. but of the two i would pick the f80

  3. I think now that I have tried them both I prefer the F80 for the same reasons as you but for people who do not afford to spend $19.00 on a single brush, I think the elf one is quite comparable that is why I gave it a mention here