Mid-Week Beauty Masterclass: BB Cream

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After an absence of a number of weeks, the Mid-Week Beauty Masterclass returns! I know I have gone through the basic make-up products already but I just couldn't skip on BB Cream which seems to be the latest hyped about product on beauty blogs and the beauty community on YouTube.  After I have recently won one myself, I can totally understand what the hype is about but I will tell you more on that in a separate post where I review the actual product.

BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm Cream and it is widely popular in Asian countries such as Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong to name a few.  In fact, it was first used by laser surgery patients as an after care product to cover up the redness and scars this type of surgery tends to leave behind; but it soon gained popularity and Asian actresses starting using it to create that particular flawless look synonymous with East Asian girls.  

The BB Cream formula has since been reformulated to suit this new demand for it and nowadays, there is quite a vast number of Asian cosmetics brands that offer BB Cream.  However, unlike foundation, it doesn't come in a lot of shades, often presenting 1 or 2 shades so it is not particularly suited for darker skin tones.  You may also find that BB Cream has a greyish undertone to it but it adapts to your skin tone as it gradually oxidizes.  BB Creams usually come in tubes and are either supplied with a pump or you just squeeze the product out. Personally, I prefer the pump as it makes for less waste of product and is more hygienic.

So what does this BB Cream do that is so special you might ask? Basically, it is a foundation with healing properties as it offers a better coverage than a tinted moisturizer and at the same time help heal blemishes and also aids in the skin's regeneration process.  Thereby, BB Cream can be seen as a product to replace your make-up primer, foundation and concealer.  I can actually confirm this from my own personal experience and it therefore makes up for days when I'm in a hurry and do not have time to apply a lot of make-up.  BB Cream also offers protection against UV rays as it contains SPF and it also helps control oiliness.  However, due to its skin whitening properties, I do not recommend its use in the summer.

Common ingredients in BB Creams include Ginkgo extract (anti-oxidant), Licorice (helps even out skin tone),  Vitamin C (whitening & anti-oxidant) as well as Green Tea (oil control).

With regards application, I find that the best way to apply it is with your fingers and remember that a little goes a long way! Avoid the use of brushes as they will make it look cakey and also, pat it onto your skin for better coverage and maximum absorbance.  Most of these BB Creams dry to a dewy finish but there are others that dry matte.  For dewy ones, I prefer to set them with a little powder so as not to make them look shiny.

Another way to apply BB Cream

I hope you found this post useful and that you now have a clearer idea on BB Creams and their uses. If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to leave them as a comment or drop me an email :)

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  1. I had the image upload problem too- I'm glad it wasn't just me! (Not because I'm mean, but because I thought I was going mad/being a total idiot!)

  2. Yep me too, silly Blogger! I really am liking the idea of a BB cream but at the same time it may just be over hyped. x

  3. It bugs me when this happens but at least I can post them today :)

    @Enigma, I thought the same thing until I tried it! Just hold on for my review ;) xx