NOTW: Flowery Sea Spray

Good morning my lovelies :) I hope you all had a great weekend :) Here's the manicure I have been wearing this week:

I actually created this manicure with my bf in mind as it was his birthday last Thursday.  I used China Glaze Sea Spray polish which he bought me himself as well as turquoise, dark blue and orange which are his favourite colours. I did flowers as they are his favourite nail design. It is a very easy design to re-create so let's get started :)

1. Prep nails with a clear base coat and when dry, apply two coats of our choice of polish on the ring fingers and do a French tip on the other fingernails. I used China Glaze Sea Spray.

2. On the nails with the French tip, dot turquoise medium-sized dots with a dotting tool all along the border where the tip colour meets the rest of the nail. I used Inglot Nail Enamel no.309 When dry, apply top coat.

3. For the ring finger design, dot four dots in the shape of a flower with a large dotting tool and follow with orange nail polish dots in the centre of each one with a medium sized dotting tool. While still wet, drag the dots towards the centre starting at the centre of the same dots.  For the middle of the flower, place four golden-orange steel beads while the nail polish is still wet. I used e.l.f. Dark Navy and a La Femme orange nail polish for the flower. The steel beads, I bought them from ebay.

4. Using the same turquoise colour and a small dotting tool, draw a small 5-petalled flower at the opposing corner of the nail and place a golden-orange steel bead in the middle.

5. When dry, top coat and you're done!

3 comments on "NOTW: Flowery Sea Spray"
  1. You have lovely hands (I'm very jealous!) x

  2. Oooh I really like this, looks simple to do as well :) x

  3. @GretalRabbit: thank you :) xx

    @Enigma: it is really easy! you just need a combination of colours and a dotter and you're good to go!!