Review: Eyeko London Lips Lipgloss in Knightsbridge

Hello there my lovelies :) I just had my first exam yesterday morning. It was a bit harder than we expected so let's just hope for the best and that the ones to follow are not as hard :s Next up is Microbiology this coming Thursday but it's one of my favourite subjects so I think I will be OK with it :)

So, anyways, on to the review! I got this Eyeko lipgloss for free when someone used my ambassador code for the first time (for reference, it is E10484 and you can use it with purchases of over €18... and by the way, shipping is free worldwide!)

It comes packaged in a thin shrink-wrap plastic and you will notice the sweet smell of it for sure! With regards the colour, I think it is very suitable for my skin tone but it will also look good with any skin tone as it comes on pretty sheer. I don't know if you can actually see it in the pictures but there are little silver shimmer particles going on all through the gloss.

The actual tube is really cute (hence the brand lives up to its name... Eyeko means cute in some oriental language if I'm not mistaken) adorned with symbols that are synonymous with London. It is a squeezy tube and has a slant applicator end... perfect for when you're on the go and don't have a mirror with you.

This gloss is a bit on the sticky side but I overcome the stickiness by applying a thin layer of Vaseline on my bare lips and then proceed with applying the gloss.  Consequently, this has average staying power and you will need to reapply it during the day.

The Eyeko London Lips Lipgloss range is Limited Edition and you can get yours from the Eyeko website for €8 per lipgloss. Remember to use my code E10484 for your free gift with a purchase of €18 or over :)

4 comments on "Review: Eyeko London Lips Lipgloss in Knightsbridge"
  1. What a lovely review :)
    Great tip about applying the vaseline first.
    Good luck with your exam on Thursday!

  2. Thank you so much :)

    It really works! Try it and see the results for yourself ;)

  3. The color looks so gorgeous! Cute blog!!