Review: kkcenterhk ES A500 10 Different Pairs False Eye Lashes

Hello my lovelies :) Today I will be reviewing some false eyelashes I was sent by kkcenterhk to review.  They let me choose which lashes I wanted to try and I opted for these ES brand ones which are basically 10 different pairs of falsies! How cool is that? You get different styles to complement different make-up looks and occasions in one box!  Apart from false eyelashes, this company sells wigs, make-up as well as some accessories.

Delivery was somewhat fast so I pleased with that.  The only thing that bothered me was that they were supplied in an envelope which is closed by some string and therefore anyone could have easily opened it.  Having said that, they all arrived intact and in perfect condition.

The packaging consists of a little black box with the ES logo on the front and instructions on the back of the box.  The instructions though seem to have been badly translated by some translation tool so if you want more clear instructions, please check out this post.  When you open the box, the lashes are all neatly put on a separate tray with curves for the eyelashes to retain their shape.  Here are a few pictures:

All the lashes have a thick black band which I think it is a plus as it is less tricky to blend with eyeliner.  Also, it is quite flexible and therefore easy to fit your eye shape.  Here are a couple of close-up pictures to show you the different styles of eyelashes:

Till now I have used the fourth pair from the top in the second picture.  I really liked the results as they made my lashes look longer and more defined and I didn't need to use any mascara to blend my lashes with them.  They feel really comfortable on the eyes and the size was just right for me.  Here's a picture of when I wore these lashes:

If you care for these lashes, like all others basically, they can last you a pretty long time and can therefore be re-used.  

These lashes are quite affordable as they retail for $7.96 for 10 pairs and can be found on sale from the kkcenterhk website.

Do you own these lashes or any others from this company? What are your thoughts about them?

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  5. I was sent these lashes too and I like them, it's really cool that you get 10 different pairs in 1 box! ;) x

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