Review: La Roche Posay Lipikar Lait Lipid-Replenishing Body Milk

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On to the review... as you know, I have just finished my final exams and during the time I was studying for them, I can confirm that my body has greatly suffered from the stress... growing or no appetite at all, bad hayfever attacks, sore throat, occasional zits and to top it all off... ta da eczema and dry skin! Thankfully though, it has started to recover and for my dry skin I have been using this body milk from La Roche Posay.  (On a side note, I just learned that this brand is not cruelty free but plans to be by 2013).

With regards packaging, there is nothing special, just the usual La Roche Posay white tube with their logo and an explanation on the back that suggests you apply the product once daily after cleansing the skin with a gentle product.  The tube holds 200ml of product which is quite a good amount and is supplied in a cardboard box bearing the same information as the tube itself as well as a list of ingredients.

This product works by replenishing the lipid content and restoring moisture to dry skin for that smooth, supple feeling.  An interesting feature of this product is that it is Paraben-free and hence you get double benefits; a product that cares for your skin by rehydrating it and at the same it avoids formation of free-radicals which in the long run can cause cancer.

With regards texture, the cream is quite thick and it feels greasy to the touch and does take some time to be fully absorbed especially when the skin is almost hydrated to normal levels.  However, when I first started using this product, it was rapidly absorbed in my skin, signifying how dry it actually was and then, on gradual use, it took longer to be fully absorbed. Therefore, I can safely conclude that this body milk has really done a good job at caring for my skin and leaving it soft and hydrated!  It also has a very faint scent to it.

As for price, I cannot really comment on that matter as I was given the product from a relative of my bf but as with all La Roche Posay products, it is surely affordable.

Have you ever tried any La Roche Posay products ladies? Thoughts on this one maybe?

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  2. que buena alternativa anti stress

  3. Thank you girls :) xx