Review: Rimmel Extra Super Lash Lash Building Mascara in Black Black

Hello lovelies how are you all doing? Finally the sun is up again and shining over here after we had dreadful rainy weather this morning and yesterday! Today I've been up since 6am (!) so I can finish up a couple of subjects of which I have an exam next Monday and Thursday. Soo, since it's been quite a long day, time for a little break and a review for you all!

As you can tell, I will be reviewing a Rimmel mascara which I have been using these last couple of weeks after my elf one dried up (I have actually been using the elf mascara for somewhere round 5 months and I will be repurchasing it soon and do a full review about it. If you want, you can read a mini-review here).

Back to the Rimmel mascara... I quite like the packaging of this one: black, sleek and silver writing.

The wand is your standard mascara wand, no fancy materials or shapes but it starts wide at the base and tapers nicely to a slimmer tip, enabling you to cover all lashes and not miss a single one.  In fact this is the catch of the 'Lash Building' part... this mascara is suitable for both natural and the more built, dramatic looks.  On a personal note, I quite like how it makes my lashes look all defined and long.  The formula is just the right amount of wet and doesn't take long to dry. So far, I have never experienced clumping with this mascara. This mascara is opthalmologically tested and is suitable for people with sensitive eyes.

I'm wearing this mascara in these photos

What is different than other mascaras, is the expiry date of this mascara... 12 months!! I'm very curious to see how long this mascara will actually last!

With regards price, I'm not sure how much it retails for exactly but I think it's around the €4 mark. Pretty affordable since I never got the point of spending €12 or so on a mascara that you will actually throw away after a few months!

Overall, I really like this mascara and I guess my wallet will have the suffer the consequences cos I will definitely repurchase!! 

Have you ever tried this mascara ladies? Thoughts?

5 comments on "Review: Rimmel Extra Super Lash Lash Building Mascara in Black Black"
  1. I totally love this mascara! Its super cheap and very good quality :)

  2. Looks really good will have to cheack it out =]

  3. I think you have to Klayer!!