Top-Ten Tuesdays ~ Ways to beat stress and relax

Good morning all :) I know I haven't posted a Top-Ten Tuesdays post in ages but I have been really busy as most of you know so right on cue, today's post will deal with methods to de-stress yourself and unwind :)

10. Have a hot or cold bath at the end of the day to suit your preference. Drop in some bath confetti or a bath bomb and some essential oils to really make the most of this time. Why not put the lights off and light some candles instead for the ultimate spa experience in your own bathroom?

9. This is most appropriate for students... take a break from studying and do something you like. For me it is nail art.  This will help you concentrate even more when you get back to your desks!

8. Give yourself a foot massage! If you don't have much time to spare, just roll your feet on a chilled can of beer or soda!

7. Have a haircut or do whatever boosts your mood!

6. Have a favourite perfume that reminds you of better times? Smell it and you'll soon be in a much better place :)

5. Go for a walk/jog in some fresh air. 30 minutes are more than enough to keep yourself fit and feel better.

4. Do take power naps to boost concentration levels and rest at the same time.

3. Massage your head! Start at the back of your head and work your way up from the nape in circular motions.

2. Spend time with your loved ones! They are your best bet for fun and giggles :)

1. OK, so this may sound totally insane but for me, it actually works! Do you have a nice eyeshadow palette with all sorts of beautiful colours you want to spend the whole day looking at it? Yes? I actually have some and whenever I feel under the weather, I just look at them and the bright colours brighten up my mood!

What is your favourite way to relax ladies? List them in the comments below :)

1 comment on "Top-Ten Tuesdays ~ Ways to beat stress and relax"
  1. Great tips!! I usually sleep when I want to relax (during uni stress).. though otherwise I would probably go out a have a breath of fresh air or out with friends and bf :)