Another Collective Haul

Gosh I have been hauling too much lately! Guess I'll have to put myself on a spending ban soon :S Anyways, here are some things I picked up lately.  First up, are some more essence colour & go nail polishes.  I love the formula of these and their colour range is really nice. I picked up four more this time:

L - R: Let's Get Lost, What Do U Think?, Meet Me Now! & Sweet as Candy

Let's Get Lost & What Do U Think?

Meet Me Now! & Sweet as Candy

I also bought some more stuff from ebay.  This time, I got this cute flower bouquet ring in copper tone:

and I also got some nail supplies:

Acrylic Sample Kit to create 3D flowers on nails 

My bf bought me this cute bracelet with shoe charms! I instantly loved it as soon as I saw it in the shop window and we went in and he bought it for me :)

5 comments on "Another Collective Haul"
  1. Thanks for sharing the nail polishes look really gorgeous. I have a top coat from Essence and I love it :)

  2. Glad you like them Charlene :) I have three top coats from essence I love them too though the high shine one tops them all :)

  3. I'm so jealous of all you mainland European girlies with access to essence! I keep on at them to sell in England but no such look :)