Mid-Week Beauty Masterclass: Corrective Make-up {Part I - Face}

Good morning cupcakes :) I hope this post finds you all in good health :)  Today, we shall be dealing with the different corrective make-up techniques that are best to minimize the attention on certain parts of our faces and emphasize our best features to the max.  Covering blemishes and disguising prominent features is also considered as corrective make-up.  I had already done a post about how you can correct the shape of your lips (which you can have a look at here) so today, I am going to discuss different face shapes and common flaws.  The next two posts with regards corrective make-up, will deal nose shapes and eye shapes respectively so look out for them :)

What shape is your face?

How many times have you been asked this question and you are not so sure about how to answer it?  I found this flowchart off the internet which seems quite helpful in determining what shape your face is and I have also included another picture which shows celebrity faces and their face shape is written underneath as I think seeing a 'real' face would help our understanding better on this subject.  Pull you hair back ladies, stand in front of a mirror and answer the questions on the flowchart to determine your face shape!

Next, identify any flaws you might have such as generalized skin redness (apply a green tinged concealer prior to applying foundation); sallow complexion (usually accompanies oily skin and is typical of Asian skin tones.  Use a purple tinted moisturizer/primer/concealer before applying your foundation); dark circles (use a lighter concealer to make the eyes appear brighter); puffy eyes (use a lighter shade of foundation in the crease under the puffy bag and a darker shade on the bags themselves to make them look smaller).

The most common face shapes are:

1. Round face: the cheeks are full and rounded so choose a darker shade of foundation than you normally would and apply it to the outer edges of the lower half of the face to achieve a slimmer face.  Apply highlight to the chin to give the impression of a longer face and balance it out.

2. Square face: faces with this shape, usually have a broad forehead and a squarish jaw-line.  Consequently shading the sides of the forehead and the jaw angles is essential to soften any harsh angles.  Highlighting the outer part of the cheekbones emphasizes the centre portion of the face.

3. Long face: shading the top half of the forehead as well as the chin is of utmost importance when dealing with a long face to make it look shorter.  Create some width by highlighting the cheeks.

4. Heart-shaped face: such a face shape is characterized by a wide forehead narrowing down to a point at the chin.  Thereby, width is needed at the cheeks and the jaw-line, which is easily achieved by applying blusher to the cheeks and highlighting the jaw angles.  Also, some shader may be applied to the chin.

What is your face shape ladies? How useful did you find this post? Liked it? Look out for the next two posts dealing with Corrective Make-Up!

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  1. Interesting post, I like the flow chart you have there. I did read somewhere if you tie your hair back and stand infront of a mirror and draw on it with lipstick around the edge of your face then its easy to tell the shape. I've not tried that but might work lol!

  2. Good tip there!! Glad you shared it :) xx

  3. Interesting post!