Mid-Week Beauty Masterclass: Corrective Make-up {Part II - Nose}

Hello my lovelies I hope you're all doing well :) Catching on from last week's post, today we will be having a look at different nose shapes and how to correct them to achieve that balance between facial features.  So let's have a look at the different nose shapes and what can be done to correct them with make-up:

1. Wide nose: apply shader to the sides to make it appear slimmer.  Alternatively, you can apply foundation that is darker than your skin colour to the sides of the nose. Start by applying it from the inner corners of the eyebrows and head downwards to the nostrils and cover the bridge of the nose with a lighter shade of foundation. Finish it off with applying transparent powder to the nose.

2. Long nose: apply shader to the tips and highlighter to the sides to give the illusion of a smaller nose.

3. Short nose: to add length to a short nose, highlight down the centre of the nose to the tip. 

4. Narrow nose: Apply concealer darker than skin color on the center of nose, and then cover the side of the nose with another concealer that is few shades lighter than the skin tone. Spread it with downward strokes towards nostrils to create width.

5. Naso-labial folds: are deep creases which run from the base of the nose (near the sides of the nostrils) down to the corners of the mouth and very prominent in heavy-smokers.  To diminish their appearance, simply, apply a lighter shade of foundation with a fine brush and blend carefully.

That's it for correcting nose shapes ladies! Stay tuned for next week's post regarding Corrective Make-up for eyes!

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  1. This is soo handy to know, thanks for sharing! xx

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  2. Very helpful post! Thank you! :)

  3. It does really make a difference, I tried it recently and my face looked different. Not sure if anyone else would notice but I sure did! x

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  5. Glad you found the post useful girls! and thank you Enigma :) xxx