My Hair Care Routine

I'm not much of a hair person, yet my hair has changed a lot over the years! I was born with almost no hair and today, it is almost half-way down my back in length; with changing lengths and styles, the products I use, changed as well.  My hair has always been very fine and thin so the products I look for are targeted towards this hair type.  Here are the products and tools I am currently using to care for and style my hair:

To wash my hair, I am currently using Tres Emme Healthy Volume Shampoo & Conditioner (front labels have come off the bottles).  I have been using these two together for the past six months and I am very pleased with the results so far... my hair is weightless (I have oily hair so usually after a couple of days, it is a mess) and it is more shiny and voluminous, something which people with fine hair like mine, know is a nightmare to achieve.

Once a month in winter and once every two weeks in summer, I treat my hair to a hydrating and nourishing mask.  I use Angel Professional Water Element Nourishing Cream.  I like to apply this before I wash my hair and leave it in for around 15 minutes and then I wash my hair as usual.  I do this because it is too thick to use as a conditioner and may be difficult to rinse out with just water (hence contributing to product build-up) whereas if I wash my hair with shampoo I would have removed all of it for sure.

With regards styling tools and products, I use the Philips Powerprotect Salon 2000 hairdryer and my pink New Look Mini Hair Straighteners.  I always spray on some Nioxin Bliss Thermal Protector to protect my hair from the damages of heat styling.  When I need my hair to hold a style for longer, say an upstyle, I would use this hair spray that I got at a local chain of £1 shops.  It has a very nice smell of strawberries and cream and does a great job of holding my hair in place for hours on end without causing dandruff or render my hair sticky.  Whenever I need a little bit more texture, I would then use Senscience Pliable Shine hair wax.

Lastly, for days at the beach, I always carry with me this bottle of Senscience Brilliant Defence which has a UV filter that protects my hair from the sun's rays and makes it look shiny as well.

That's it for my hair care routine ladies! Which products do you use to care for your hair?

8 comments on "My Hair Care Routine"
  1. I think I'll have to try that Tresseme shampoo (I didn't really like the one I've tried before) it seems like you have a similar hair type to me :)

    I just gave you a blog award :)

  2. I think Tres emme is a very good brand sold at affordable prices so it is worth a try :)

    Thank you for the blog award :) xxx

  3. I need to find some of that hairspray it sounds as if it smells nice. All of the hairsprays I have tried before haven't smelt good at all!

  4. These products are very good and increase the beauty of the hair.


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