NOTW: All Crackle'd Up!

Good morning dolls :) This week, I just used my China Glaze Broken Hearted Crackleglaze over a regular glitter polish so there's no real nail art tutorial.  However, there are some bonus crackle patterns that my bf came up with! So keep reading to see what I mean :)

Here are a couple of pictures of the mani I have been wearing:

As promised, here are the other crackle patterns:

L ~ R: Vertical, horizontal, diagonal and 'S'-shaped (my favourite)
Top photo is taken with flash and bottom photo is in sunlight
Background colour is essence colour & go in 55 Let's Get Lost

The story behind these:

When I got this crackle polish, my bf happened to be over at mine and he told me, to try and do horizontal and diagonal crackles instead of vertical and I tried it but with little success.  So, in turn, he suggested that I paint the polish as I intend to do the crackles; so if for example, I wanted diagonal crackles, I should paint the base colour in a diagonal fashion as well and so on and so forth.  This time, it worked and the above swatches were the result of this little experiment :)  Just remember to paint the base colour in the same direction you want the crackles to be and always remember that for crackle polish to work, the colour underneath has to be completely dry! A thin coat of crackle polish does the trick :) Have fun!

8 comments on "NOTW: All Crackle'd Up!"
  1. wow, thanks for the tip about painting the base differently!

  2. Very pretty combination! wow, your bf had the best idea ever! Thanks!!

  3. Glad you like the ideas girls! xx

  4. Love your boyfriend's idea, the crackles came out perfect!

  5. Thank you Gertrude :) xx

  6. Your bf is a genius!(but don't tell him if he's prone to bigheadedness :p)I'll be trying this out soon I think :)

  7. hermosos crackles, exelente combinaciòn

    simply beautiful

  8. @GretalRabbit: haha lol he didn't even want me to mention him over here so rest assured he's not big headed :) xx

    @deysi: thank you xx