Review: Lioele Korea Triple the Solution BB Cream

Hello my lovelies :) Today I'm going to review the Lioele BB Cream I won earlier this month on a YouTube giveaway hosted by shampoop118. If you do not already, make sure to check out the lovely Stephanie :). Anyways, with all the hype surrounding BB Creams lately, it is no wonder that this review was highly requested, so finally here it is! For more information about BB Creams and their various functions, please check out this post :)

As stated previously, BB Cream has been very much hyped about lately and I wanted to try it out myself to see what all the raving is about but with shipping being overly expensive, I gave up on it so needless to say, I was thrilled to learn I had actually won one! 

I really like the packaging of this Lioele BB Cream as I think it is so girly.  The BB Cream itself comes in a tube with a pump at the base and a replaceable cap so it is a very hygienic type of packaging. Also, the pump makes for good control of how much product you get out.  In turn, the tube is supplied in a pink and gold box as you can see in the picture. The tube holds 50ml of product.  It is a very generous amount considering that a little goes a long way with this particular BB Cream.

The texture is quite thick and has a slight gray undertone to it. Don't worry though, the BB Cream will oxidize in air and adapt to your skin tone.  I'd say that this particular one has a light to medium coverage... it is not as light as a tinted moisturizer nor is it thick as a foundation.  In fact, it feels like you have nothing on.  The best way to apply BB Cream is to gently tap it on your face with your fingers to blend it as with a brush it can look cakey.

I like this Lioele BB Cream as it contains SPF 30 and I don't need to apply moisturizer, primer and concealer when I use it so it is a great all rounder for when you're in a hurry.  This one in particular has a slight pleasant smell of flowers with a hint of strawberries that gradually fades away.  It also contains hyaluronic acid to moisturize and nourish the skin.

This particular BB Cream is designed for oily and combination skin and it only comes in one shade, Natural Beige so I'm afraid it is not suitable for people with darker skin tones. I find that on me, it lasts well especially when I set it with a little Sheer Mineral Booster from e.l.f. cosmetics.

Overall I'm very fond of this BB Cream and from the very first time I used it, I could instantly understand what all the raving was about.

Have you tried any BB Creams ladies? What do you think of them? If not, are there any particular ones you would like to try out?

5 comments on "Review: Lioele Korea Triple the Solution BB Cream"
  1. Does the colour of it lighten at all, just you mentioned it isnt suitable for darker skin tones than beige but what about lighter?

    I'm still interested in trying out some BB Cream :)

  2. BB Cream is actually made to lighten and even the skin tone. Asian women strive to have white and even skin so it should work well with pale skin. Furthermore, he first time I applied it, I put on a tad too much and ended looking quite pale so it does work on light skin tones :) hope this helps xxx

  3. hola lore, gracias por visitarme, eres lo maximo

    te invito a ti y a tus lectoras, a participñar en el sorteo de una linda pulsera de plata, es super facil solo con lick, y ya, gracias por tu apoyo, besos

  4. Hi Deysi :) Thank you very much for your invite to the giveaway :) will enter in a few minutes :) xxx

  5. Thanks Lara that has helped :) going to have a look about for a cheap one to try first I think! X