Updated Skin Care Routine

Hello lovelies :) I hope you're all doing well! Today, I am going to explain the changes I made with regards skin care products I have been using.  As you probably now, I was using the Nivea Visage range but these days, it just wasn't cutting it for me so I switched some products with which I am getting better results already (reviews to follow soon).  As for how frequently I apply a face masque and the routine I follow, I haven't changed that so you can check out this post and here are some tips to help your skin look and stay clear.

Basically, I only kept the same facial scrub (as most of them have the same ingredients and do the same things) as well as the eye contour gel and face masques (they work very well still).  I changed my cleanser and moisturizer to ones by La Roche Posay from their Effaclar range which is suited for oily/combination skin prone to imperfections.  I also have a Targeted Breakout Corrector from the same range which I still use to date.  With regards the Eye Make-up Remover, I am still going through the Nivea one but afterwards I will keep the bottle and do my own natural eye make-up remover.

As toner, I switched to Rose Water which is a very welcome refreshing treat for my skin especially in the hot summer months and it is also very soothing in winter (review coming up soon).

So this is basically my updated skin care routine ladies.  Have you used any of the products mentioned or do you have different products?  Stay tuned for my new skin care products reviews real soon!

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