Collective Haul: Work-Wear, Accessories and some Beauty Products

Hello cupcakes :) This is a collective haul of stuff I bought during this month, ranging from work-wear, casual wear and some accessories to a couple of beauty products.

Let me start with the clothes first. As some of you maybe aware, I have officially started working as a Medical Laboratory Scientist within the major hospital in Malta.  Although we do not have a uniform at work except for our lab coats, I still want to look different then when I was a student so I figured it would be time to invest in some work-appropriate wedges that look cute and smart while at the same time, be comfortable enough to wear during my work days. So I headed to Valletta with Mum and managed to find a khaki-taupe coloured pair at Peacocks as well as some bargains which were on sale.  The shoes cost €26 as they are part of the new stock and were not on sale.

The jeans and the beach dress were a steal at the prices I got them (€11.25 instead of €25 for the dress; €12 instead of €40.50 for the boyfriend jeans & €10.50 instead of €39.50 for the medium wash jeans) and they fit nicely and feel really comfy :)  The tan belt was included with the mid-wash jeans and I really like the detailing on it and how the straps are intertwined with each other.

I went to Peacocks again on another day (you guys should have figured out that I love shopping at Peacocks by now!) as I needed some basic white and black bras as the ones I had were wearing off a little at the straps.  I settled on a basic two-pack which retailed for €10.50.  Of course, while at the store, I had to check out all the other fantastic clothes that they have and of course, I had to get something else apart from the bras no?  I got another pair of jeans for work which I only ended up paying €4.05 for!!! They were originally €16.50 and were marked down to €6.75 (this was the price shown on the tag) and when I got home, I realized I paid even less! Don't you just love it when this happens? ;P  I also got two cardigans from the new collection of which the pink is my absolute favourite (see pic on right for back detailing).  I paid €20.50 for the red one and €29 for the pink one.

Mum also bought me this cute striped polo neck from Terranova which was on sale for only €5.99.  It would be perfect with a longer sleeved top when the weather is colder :)

From the Bossini sale, I picked up another top which is pretty long and looks great with some wedges and jeans for work and with leggings for a more casual everyday look.  I also got this pair of light-feeling dove grey trousers which are perfect for work.  The top was €6 instead of €20 something and the trousers were €8 instead of €22.45. 

I also got some accessories and some random beauty products from ebay:

First I got this black head peel off mask that you apply to your nose and so far I'm quite happy with the results.  I got this after seeing a review about it from Enigma and decided to give it a go myself (read myself and the rest of my family + bf).  I got this for €4.14.  I also purchased a sachet of Bubble White to whiten my nails after all the polish they get applied onto them every week.  To be honest, I was expecting a little more product but so far I am managing to get a few good uses out of this sachet which I paid €6.20 for (in fact, I won't be re-purchasing even though it whitens my nails.  I will stick to my home-made treatment instead).

Lastly, here are some accessories I got from ebay as well.  Shipping was free for all the items except for the necklace.  First up, my favourite out of all! These lovely and colourful peacock shaped earrings (told you I love peacocks ;p)!  I only paid €2 for these and I love how they jazz up an outfit! Although they may seem big, they are really light and that makes me like them even more :)  I also got these dress shaped ones for €1.11 and this brown Cameo brooch which can also be worn as a pendant.  I paid €3.95 for this.  At €10.50 (shipping inc.), the necklace was the most expensive piece.  I had been looking for a nautical necklace for quite some time but I still couldn't find one I liked until I saw this and knew it had to be mine!  The locket and the swallow make it look more feminine and cute and it has a vintage feel to it which I absolutely adore!  It also came cutely packed and it was supplied in a pink organza bag as well.

I also got a set of empty containers from to keep my nail art steel beads in as the containers they were in were really impractical and were taking up a lot of space.  Just a quick reminder about a code for my readers here; for 10% off your order, remember to use the code EBABK31 at checkout :)

And that concludes my August collective haul! I have to be extra careful not to spend too much money now as my first pay is due in September then I will treat myself to some China Glaze polishes I have been lusting after as well as an Audrey Hepburn DVD collection featuring 6 of her most famous and best films :)

Till next post, stay beautiful :) 

4 comments on "Collective Haul: Work-Wear, Accessories and some Beauty Products"
  1. Lovely items Lara! I love it when i get items on such great sales as well! I have a necklace almost exactly like your peacock earrings and I love it so much :)

  2. Wow, so many lovely items! There is a Peacocks store in my hometown and I love to shop there! So many good deals! Could you do a review on the black head peel off mask? I'm looking for a good one for my nose area.

  3. @Daniela: there really have been some good deals going on this season and the peacock earrings are good alternative to the peacock feather earrings for someone with a small face like me.

    @Natalie: I love Peacocks because they have such great quality clothes at very affordable prices. I have already reviewed the mask here:
    and I can tell you it's a wonder product ;)

  4. Lovely, I do like bargains!