The Exit Interview Series: Volume #1

Hey dolls, I figured I should introduce this new series of posts in which apart from the monthly favourites at the end of each month, I would talk about products I finished during that same month and whether or not I will re-purchase the product.  In this first post, I have two products that I used up, namely, Maybelline Water Shine Lipstick in 02 Cocoa Shake (now 02 Beige Glace) and essence stay natural concealer in 01 Soft Beige.

I love both of these products, in fact, I have already bought back-ups for each of them!  I have previously reviewed both of these products and you can check out the reviews here (lipstick) and here (concealer).  

The one product I was most exited about to get a back up is the lipstick.  I first feared that Maybelline had discontinued this particular shade because I couldn't find it anywhere, neither in shops, nor online bar for an online beauty shop but it was too expensive to get it from there.  When I gave up all hopes of finding it, I was once browsing the Maybelline stand at a local supermarket and bam! right there it was! only, they had changed the name! I was so glad I could finally get a backup of this lipstick! I purchased it there and then as it was the last one remaining. I love this lipstick so much that I kept using my older one till it was impossible to get anymore product out hehe.

On the other hand, the concealer wasn't hard to find as essence is widely available here in Malta and I bought two back-ups.

That concludes my first post in this series. How did you find it? Do you think I should continue to do this kind of posts?

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